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The governing body of the Northeast Georgia Regional Library System is a Board of Trustees composed of members selected by and from the membership of each participating County Library Board of Trustees. The operation of the Regional Library System is legally vested in this Board under the provisions of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Article 2, Chapter 5, Title 20.

Executive Board Members

Jan Timms – Chair

Peter Willis – Vice Chair
John Roche – Secretary

Local Board Representatives

Habersham County Library

Peter Willis – Vice Chair
Margie Williamson

Toccoa- Stephens County Public Library

Billy Chism
Lynn Cox

Rabun County Public Library

Jan Timms – Chair
Helen Gillespie
Pat Stueck

White County Public Library

Olav Buchel
John Roche – Secretary
Linda Erbele
Bob Duggan

Library Board Meeting Schedule

Regional Board meeting information is coming.

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