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​The purpose of Friends of the Rabun County Public Library shall be to maintain an association of volunteers interested in the progress and welfare of the public library system in Rabun County, GA; to promote the improvement of the public library system in Rabun County so as to increase its value in the community and to carry on fundraising, literary, cultural and educational activities that will promote these goals.

  • Funds raised shall be supplemental to the public library system’s official operating budgets.

  • Funds shall be administered so that all operating funds, beyond a small portion for administrative overhead for The Friends, shall be expended for library materials, programs, and services.

By-Laws for Friends of Rabun County Public Library- Article II

Memberships and dues

Membership in The Friends shall be open to any individual, business, or organization supportive of the organization’s stated purposes and has paid annual dues.  

The dues structure shall be as follows

Individual  $20.00 per year

Family $35.00 per year

Supporting Member $50.00 and up per year


  • Membership is not transferable or assignable, and votes by proxy are not permitted.

  • The Secretary of The Friends of Rabun County Public Library will maintain updated membership lists.

Executive Board Members

Mary - Chair

Vacant - Vice Chair

Kris - Secretary

Upcoming Board Meeting

Tuesday, August 9th, 2022, at 10:00

The meeting is to be held in the Community Room at the library.

Meeting Schedule

All Friends of the Library meetings are held the second Tuesday at 10:00 am at the Rabun County Public Library or such place as may be designated by the Board with proper notification given to the public.


January 11

February 8

March 8

April 12

May 10

June 14

July 12

August 9

September 13

October 11

November 8

December 13

Book Sale Room

The Friends of the Rabun County Public Library have an ongoing book sale in the Book Sale Room. Please come check out the book sale for some fantastic titles.

Annual Book Sale

The planning of the Annual Book Sale is currently in the planning stage and details of the sale will be posted here.

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